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C&I Values ChartThe Department of Curriculum and Instruction in Metro Nashville Public Schools is a team of individuals committed to supporting a quality education for every student in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Our team is passionately committed to each other, our community, and our work. We are guided by our department's mission and vision striving to realize them through our shared beliefs and core values. Together, we work to provide quality curricular and instructional support on behalf of every student, every day.  

Our instructional philosophy is anchored in the MNPS Instructional Framework, which defines a blueprint for quality instruction in every classroom. The strength of our framework is in the guiding principles and their interdependence:

Ambitious Pedagogy:

In order for instruction to be ambitious, it must engage students in high levels of thinking while allowing them to build knowledge together. Ambitious pedagogy is "teaching and learning that moves beyond the straightforward communication or transfer of facts and skills to instruction that has teachers and students engaged in deep learning by making meaning of rich academic content. Co-engaging in authentic, practical, and intellectual puzzles and creating new knowledge and capabilities in themselves and in others" (Moje, 2017).

Equitable Pedagogy:

Equitable pedagogy means instruction provides access for all students to engage in high levels of thinking.  Instruction must be responsive to students' experiences, cultures, background knowledge and provide educational experiences with these in mind.  

SEL Integrative Pedagogy:

Development of critical social and emotional development skills should be done explicitly through academic instruction.  These skills are defined by the 5 Core Competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills.

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