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Name Position Email
Jeff Smith Director of Visual and Performing Arts
Lori Scobey Administrative Assistant
Tammy Burns Secretary - Mathematics
David S. Williams, Ed.D. Executive Officer, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Jennifer Berry, Ph.D. Director of STEAM and Science
Todd Wigginton Director of Social Studies and PE, Health, & Wellness
Kathryn Pattullo Director of MTSS
Barbara Lashley, Ed.D. Director of Elementary Literacy
Jessica Slayton Director of Mathematics
Jason Walsh Coordinator for Performing Arts
Claire Williams McGee District Lead STEAM Coach
Molly Stovall Hegwood Interim Executive Director of English Learners
Kendra Bush District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Kari McLaughlin District Lead Numeracy Coach - Elementary
Ryan Mathis District Lead Math Intervention Coach
Kyle Alexander Social Studies, Lead Coach
Allison Ross Coordinator for Visual Arts
Donna Rule Coordinator of Hands on Science
Kathryn Finn District Lead STEAM Coach
Joell Curtis District Lead Numeracy Coach - Elementary
Riya Carter District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Madison Sarratt District Lead STEAM Coach
Susan McGinnis District Lead Numeracy Coach - Elementary
Kirsten Clark District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Tanya Dixon District Lead Literacy Intervention Coach
Valerie Harbin Administrative Assistant - Visual and Performing Arts
Damon Harding Secretary - STEAM and Science
Tyrunya Goodwin District Lead Numeracy Coach - Secondary
Wendy Hernandez District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Laura Houston District Lead Numeracy Coach - Secondary
John Shuler District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Angela Summers District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Aliya Washington-Smith District Lead LTDS - Elementary
Jill Petty Director of Secondary Literacy & World Languages
Sue Johnson District Lead LTDS—Secondary
Gibson Keith District Lead Coach—World Languages
Erika Coleman District Lead LTDS—Secondary
Jennifer Jones District Lead LTDS—Secondary